How Important Is Speech Therapy to Stroke Patients? 

Experiencing stroke is a very catastrophic event which may result in permanent or temporary paralysis on one half of your body. Other functions of your body which can be affected by a stroke are balance, memory, speech, cognition as well as vision. Unfortunately, muscle spasms and pain are the usual complications when having a stroke. All these problems have the tendency to make it very difficult for you to manage everyday tasks such as bathing and dressing. 

Speech Therapy

Having a hard time communicating is one serious complication when someone is having a stroke. As a matter of fact, several patients have a decrease capability in speaking once they get to experience stroke. Research studies show that aphasia happens to stroke patients in about twenty to forty percent. In addition to that, it doesn’t affect intelligence but it makes it difficult to communicate with them, to understand others as well as affects the ability to write and read. The following shows how speech therapy with the help of the experts like benefits people who are experiencing from a stroke and how the rehabilitation therapists can help them. 

Importance of Occupational Therapists 

Patients who are suffering from stroke can recover faster when they have a quality rehabilitation and occupational therapy. Studies show that patients with stroke are more likely to get back to their everyday lives when occupational therapists work with them. Occupational therapists are basically instrumental in aiding their patients find new styles of living which benefit their loved ones and also, themselves. 

An initial evaluation and assessment will be done by the occupational therapist in order to determine what will be the needs of their patients. They are a very important resource because they give quality professional care and have the right knowledge of the adversities which are a part of the whole course of the stroke.  

The occupational therapist is in the right position to suggest a speech-language pathologist (speech therapist) consultation if the patient has ongoing issues with swallowing and speaking. Within weeks or even months which follow a stroke, several survivors make big benefits with the speech therapy sessions. Through the aid of the speech therapist, several patients will display improvements beyond the time frame. 

The Speech Therapist’s Part in Rehabilitation 

Speech-language pathologists (SLP), or sometimes termed as speech therapists, are very important members of the care team. They assess, diagnose and treat disorders that have to do with the ability to swallow, speech, cognitive communication, language, voice and other problems. The main purpose for having a speech therapist is to aid the patients reach the optimum level of language and communication function possible. 

How a Speech-Language Therapist Can Aid Stroke Patients? 

The inability or difficulty to swallow is usually a common example of a problem which speech therapy can aid stroke patients overcome. This type of problem makes it hard for an individual function by themselves. A plan of treatment is being prepared by the speech therapist after they have evaluated the stroke victim. Furthermore, they can suggest participation in a group in order to enhance conversational skills by clarifying ideas and taking turns.  

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